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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sniper Elite V2 GOTY - XBOX360 ISO Download (NTSC) (PAL)

Eng Title: Sniper Elite V2 GOTY
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: 505 Games
Genre: FPS/STG Game
Platform: XBOX360
Size: 7.40GB
Format: 16th Wave(LT2.0 / 15574)
Region : PAL – NTSC/U
Lang : Multi
Realease Date: Mar.1.2013 [EU]

Description :

Sniper Elite V2 is the long-awaited console sequel to third person tactical WWII shooter Sniper Elite. Released in 2005, Sniper Elite saw gamers playing an American OSS secret agent disguised as a German sniper in Berlin during the final days of World War II.

Sniper Elite V2 is a modern take on the critically and publically acclaimed classic for the current generation of consoles revitalising a genre all of its own.

Assassinate The Fuhrer DLC includes 2 weapons.
Multiplayer Expansion DLC.
Weapons Pack DLC, includes 3 new weapons.
Neudorf Outpost DLC single player mission with wide open spaces (so not linear corridors like the full game), you attacking a German
Fuel Dump. Plus 3 new weapons.
Saint Pierre DLC single player mission set in a rural village with you hunting down a German commander. USP = lots of different ways to approach your prey. Includes 2 new weapons.

10 additional weapons;
The Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle SVT-40.
The standard German service rifle Kar 98.
MG44, M1 Carbine.
Webley Revolver, Type 99 Rifle.
Blyskawica Sub-machinegun.
Tokarev TT33 Pistol.
M1D Garand Rifle – the most iconic rifle of WWII.
Lee Enfield No 3 Rifle.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Language, and Intense Violence..

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